Thursday, August 31, 2006

HAFKGAMB - Help A Fat Kid Get A MacBook

In the year 2000 I built the computer of the future. It had all the bells and whistles and my hope was that it would last throughout the millenium. I have revived it many times replacing worn out components with spare parts from friends. (thanks Jeff) It came pretty close but about a month ago it finally died its final death. I realized to make this thing vista compatible I would basically have to replace everything. So I had to make a tough decision and I decided for the sake of humanity that I would retire the old box and get a MacBook.

The problem: I don't have any money
The solution: somehow get one for free

I called Apple and asked for a free one and they said "No"

So that is where you come in, Throughout this page are things that cost you nothing but pay me. For example there are three buttons across the bottom for Firefox, Picasa and google pack. All of these apps are super cool and will change your life forever. Downloading them will help your computer rock like crazy. Google will also pay me $1 for each program you download. (I think this is part of their plot to take the world back from Microsoft) Try them out if you don't like them uninstall, I personally love all those apps.

Thanks for your support of the HAFKGAMB campaign once I get my MacBook I will post some pictures here.